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Universiti Malaya STEM Centre (UM STEM)

Universiti Malaya STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Centre (UM STEM Centre) was established in January 2019. This centre provides a platform for STEM education activities to encourage students from preschool up to higher education to engage in STEM education.

UM STEM Centre Objectives:

1. To promote STEM education;

2. To serve as coordinator, STEM reference point and platform for government, education industries, academics and other stakeholders in various STEM disciplines; and

3. To support educators and researchers in STEM related projects.

As the premier university in Malaysia, UM is committed to strengthening the quality of STEM education as it is the best platform to enhance the higher-order thinking (HOTs) capability among educators and students across Malaysia. More emphasis will be given to the practical applications of knowledge through actual experience in the University.

UM STEM Centre will be in close collaboration with various parties such as the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation, Academy of Sciences Malaysia, National STEM Movement, IMT-GT Uninet STEM as well as NGO and industry players. This collaboration is to enable the establishment of targeted upskilling platforms and discover the use of hybrid learning and technology-mediated instruction models that will enhance the student learning experience.

Besides, UM STEM Centre and the Faculty/Centre/Academy STEM representatives also host various STEM activities such as forums, round-table discussions, mentor-mentee, exhibitions, competitions and students’ excursions. UM STEM welcomes cooperation from various parties to empower STEM education among students.

UM STEM Pathway

Last Update: 04/11/2022